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Veterinary Care Services in Colorado Springs, CO

We are proud of our commitment to Colorado Springs’ pets and pet owners, and we are confident that in just one visit, you will see why Polo Springs Veterinary Hospital is a place you and your companion will feel right at home for veterinary care.

Veterinary Care, Comprehensive Wellness Examinations and Customized Vaccination Programs

One of the most beneficial services offered at Polo Springs Veterinary Hospital is a thorough and complete yearly physical examination. These examinations are essential for your companion, and will enable our veterinarians to diagnose health problems early, making treatment more effective, less involved and ultimately, less costly for you. During these comprehensive veterinary examinations, in addition to evaluating your pet’s overall health by performing a complete whole body physical exam, we will also assess their nutritional needs, lifestyle, environment, internal and external parasite control and weight. We encourage your participation and spend whatever time is necessary to discuss our findings with you, address your concerns, answer all of your questions and provide you with a written report. At this appointment we are also able to evaluate your pet’s vaccination needs and customize an immunization program specifically for them. We are honored that you have selected us to care for your special family member and sincerely appreciate the opportunity we have to help you give them a long, happy and healthy life. Your goal is our goal. Learn More »

Internal Medicine

With all of the advances in clinical diagnostic and therapeutic capabilities in veterinary medicine, it is critical that you select a health care team that is highly trained and experienced. Polo Springs Veterinary Hospital offers comprehensive care in all areas of internal medicine to include dermatology, gastroenterology, oncology, cardiology, neurology, endocrinology, urology, ophthalmology, hematology, pulmonology, otolaryngology and theriogenology. In addition, we also evaluate, diagnose and treat patients with orthopedic problems. As Summa Cum Laude graduates, our veterinarians continue to demonstrate their desire to remain up to date on the most recent advances in the diagnosis and treatment of both common and complex medical diseases. We are committed to answering all of your questions related to your pet’s medical problem and explaining what steps are necessary to return them to good health.  Learn More »

Emergency Treatment

Emergencies represent one of the most common reasons for a pet owner to seek veterinary care. We understand the emotions involved in discovering your companion is sick or injured and we are here for you. Whether the situation can be handled over the phone or requires urgent, life-saving care, you can be sure that we respond immediately and appropriately to your pet’s emergency needs. With our experienced, highly trained staff, state-of –the-art equipment and award-winning facility, we are able to promptly evaluate, accurately diagnose and provide continued care for critical patients. Rest assured that your companion is in good hands when they are in ours. Learn More »


At Polo Springs Veterinary Hospital, we take all pet surgery very seriously. There is no such thing as routine when it is your beloved companion undergoing anesthesia to have a surgical procedure performed. Our entire staff respects and understands this feeling. To reassure you of the attention and quality of care your pet will receive, we have specifically designed our hospital so you are able to view all medical, anesthetic, surgical, and recovery care of your companion from the comfort of our front lobby. On admission to our hospital, one of our experienced veterinarians is assigned to your pet’s team and along with our support staff, cares for and closely monitors your companion during their entire stay with us. You can be confident that no corners are cut to ensure the safe and smooth recovery of your family member. It is our privilege and duty to provide the attention and quality you expect for veterinary care, and more importantly, what your pet deserves. Learn More »

Dental Care

Periodontal disease is the most common disease in animals. More then 85% of dogs and cats older then four years of age have periodontal disease. If your pet has bad breath, it is likely they are suffering from this serious ailment. Periodontal disease is a chronic and painful infection of the mouth, and if left untreated, it is progressive. Pain and infection in a pet’s mouth is no less worthy of treatment than pain and infection in any other part of their body, and delaying proper dental care may seriously compromise your pet’s overall health. Good dental hygiene for your companion can prevent this disease, as well as prevent a number of serious secondary problems such as heart, kidney, brain and liver diseases that can develop from infected gums. Regular professional teeth cleanings with sophisticated dental equipment are an effective step toward the prevention and treatment of dental tartar, inflamed gums and bad breath. At Polo Springs Veterinary Hospital, 12 separate procedures are performed for each professional teeth cleaning. For patients with more advanced oral disease, professional periodontal therapy will help resolve their chronic infection and pain. These procedures will not only significantly improve the quality of your companion’s life, but they can also increase the longevity of their life as well. Give your pet the gift of a long, healthy and pain-free life by scheduling a dental evaluation with us today. Learn More »

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Nutritional Counseling

Many factors are considered when we tailor a nutritional plan for your pet. Age, weight, physical activity, medical history and genetic predisposition play a role in determining your pet’s nutritional needs. Polo Springs Veterinary Hospital carries a wide variety of high quality pet foods, pure, patented nutritional supplements and health-conscious treats. We can also prescribe special therapeutic diets to target potential or current health problems. For patients that require intensive nutritional counseling, our veterinarians will consult directly with our board certified veterinary nutritionist to help with more advanced problems such as refractory obesity, organ malfunction, nutritional deficiencies, dietary hypersensitivity/allergies, disease prevention, chronic gastrointestinal problems etc. Whether your companion is in perfect health, or suffering from a chronic debilitating disease, the importance of a proper diet should not be overlooked. We are here to partner with you to ensure your pet receives superior nutrition to support their optimal health. Learn More »

Boarding and Daycare

Polo Springs Veterinary Hospital offers unique pet boarding and daycare programs that are designed to fit any schedule. Over the years we have found that clients appreciate our hospital’s expanded hours and direct veterinary boarding supervision, as well as the personalized attention their pet receives during their stay with us. We are proud of the care our boarding animals receive and would welcome you to tour our award winning facility at anytime. No advanced notice is necessary. You can find comfort in knowing that a veterinarian is taking care of your companion’s needs while you are away. It is our desire to make this a great experience for your special family member, and we are committed to making them feel that Polo Springs is their home away from home. Learn More »

Grooming Services

At Polo Springs Veterinary Hospital, grooming can mean more than just having your pet look great and smell good. It can relieve stress, improve coat and skin conditions and help discover potential problems between veterinary examinations. When your pet visits our veterinary hospital, they will benefit from a number of procedures included with their professional grooming service. All patients groomed at our hospital will receive a toenail trim, internal anal gland expression, thorough ear cleaning utilizing a specially formulated ear cleansing solution, double shampoo and crème rinse application with products that promote superior cleansing and hydration, blow dry and complete coat brush out. For your convenience, during your pet’s stay with us, we are also happy to provide them with any veterinary services that you request. Professional grooming services are available by appointment, with flexible hours to accommodate your schedule. Learn More »