Is Your Dog Overweight? Colorado Springs

Is Your Dog Overweight?

Feeding less of your pet’s current food can be beneficial only if your veterinarian has determined your pet is being over fed, such as with free choice feeding. When you feed less of the pet’s regular diet, not only are you reducing the calories, but also essential nutrients the pet needs to stay healthy. Regular foods are not designed for weight loss. By restricting the calories to the level needed for weight loss, the pet is deprived of the appropriate amounts of protein, vitamins and minerals. Many over the counter reduced calorie diets are not effective at weight loss either.

Most of these foods still contain too many calories to meet the weight loss goal. Prescription diet foods use the most cutting edge research to achieve the appropriate weight loss while providing excellent nutrition and satiety (fullness) so your pet is not begging for food all the time. A prescription diet’s formulation is strictly regulated (similar to a pharmaceutical) and guaranteed by the manufacturer, so you can feel confident that you’re providing optimum nutrition while helping your pet achieve a healthy weight.

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