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Comprehensive Wellness Examinations

One of the most important things you can do to protect the health of your special companion is to schedule an examination for them.  It’s a good idea to have a baseline exam performed during times when your pet appears to be perfectly healthy.  More importantly, because animals don’t communicate and age as humans do, and because they are capable of hiding an illness until it is advanced, we are able to detect health problems earlier through these examinations.   We place such a high importance on physical exams, that we often recommend seeing aging pets more frequently.

One of the most beneficial services offered at our veterinary hospital in Colorado Springs is a thorough and comprehensive annual wellness exam.  This examination is always performed by one of our highly skilled veterinarians. These examinations are essential for your companion, and will enable us to diagnose health problems early, making treatment more effective, less involved and ultimately, less costly for you. During these comprehensive examinations, in addition to evaluating your pet’s overall health by performing a complete whole body physical exam, we also assess their nutritional needs, lifestyle, environment, internal and external parasite control and weight.  We encourage your participation, and believe it is our duty as veterinarians to use this appointment to discuss our findings with you and answer all of your questions.  This appointment is also a perfect time to discuss any concerns you may have with your pet, such as issues related to aging, behavioral problems, travel outside of the Colorado Springs area, bad breath, adding a new pet to the household, changes in mobility, litter box problems, newly found lumps, etc.  Additionally, if your pet is determined to be healthy, this appointment is a great opportunity to discuss any vaccinations they may require.

We honor the opportunity we have to help our clients give their special companion a long, happy and healthy life.  Your goal is our goal.

Polo Springs is a top-notch facility and the entire staff is first rate. I cannot say enough good things about the very high standard of care Polo Springs Veterinary Hospital provides!

—Kendra E.

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