Dermatology - Polo Springs Veterinary Hospital


Dermatology is the study of the integumentary system or more simply, skin disease. While some skin problems that affect your pet may be mild and easily resolved by a single visit to a veterinarian, some chronic skin conditions may become very overwhelming for pet owners. Because many problems cause the skin to become red, the hair to fall out and the patient to itch, it is often challenging for a veterinarian to definitively determine what is wrong with your pet simply by looking at the skin. More worrisome is the fact that some forms of cancer, in addition to a number of serious internal medical conditions can result in skin problems. Thankfully though, the veterinarians at Polo Springs Veterinary Hospital have an arsenal of preliminary and advanced diagnostic tests at our disposal to accurately diagnose your pet’s disease.

Frequently, we have new clients who come to us because their pet has been suffering from a recurring or chronic skin and/or ear condition for weeks, months and sometimes even years. These clients are understandably frustrated, and in need of a veterinarian that will properly obtain a through and complete history of the problem, perform a comprehensive physical examination (not just an examination of the skin/ears) and evaluate all prior medical and treatment records if they are available. Once we have completed these critical steps, we will spend whatever time is necessary to review our findings with you, answer all of your questions, and discuss the best course of action to resolve your pet’s skin or ear problem. Fortunately, most all of the skin/ear conditions that we see, even the most challenging ones, can be successfully managed or cured once you pet’s disease is addressed in this manner.

Client education is critical following a definitive diagnosis of a pet’s skin or ear problem. Often, we see first time patients whose chronic skin or ear problem can be more successfully managed, or even cured by making some adjustments in their treatment regime. The veterinarians at Polo Springs believe one of their most important duties is to fully explain your pet’s diagnosis and all of the potential treatment options. Since some chronic skin conditions require lifelong management, we feel that our patients will receive optimal improvement of their symptoms if we all work together as a team to resolve their skin or ear problem.

It’s important for you to know that there is hope, and we are committed to returning your companion to good health.

Client education is crucial following a definitive diagnosis of a pet’s skin or ear problem.