Rabies - Polo Springs Veterinary Hospital


Vaccination against the rabies virus is required by law for dogs, cats and ferrets in the state of Colorado. The rabies virus can affect any warm blooded animal and is nearly 100% fatal once clinical signs have developed. This means that people are at risk, as well as pets. The virus is most commonly transmitted by a bite wound where it then attacks the central nervous system of the victim. Wildlife such as bats, skunks, coyotes and raccoons commonly transmit rabies, but it can by spread by infected domestic animals. Clinical signs present as aggression, restlessness, fear, difficulty swallowing or an irrational fear of water. The rabies vaccine is a core vaccine that is typically started on puppies, kittens and ferret kits at 16 weeks. Adults will then receive boosters every 1-3 years.

Vaccination against the rabies virus is required by law.