Surgery - Polo Springs Veterinary Hospital


At Polo Springs Veterinary Hospital, we take all pet surgery very seriously.  There is no such thing as routine when it is your beloved companion undergoing anesthesia to have a surgical procedure performed.  Our entire staff respects and understands this feeling.  To reassure you of the attention and quality of care your pet will receive during their stay with us, we have specifically designed our hospital so you are able to view all medical, anesthetic, surgical and recovery care of your companion from the comfort of our front lobby.

On admission to our hospital, one of our experienced veterinarians is assigned to your pet’s team, and along with our support staff, cares for and closely monitors your companion during their entire stay with us.  Prior to any pet surgery, our patients receive a preoperative physical examination that is always completed by one of our highly skilled veterinarians.  Laboratory health screens are available on-site, and will assist us in determining the best choice of analgesics and anesthetics for your pet.  Every one of our patients benefits from the safest anesthetic protocols and advanced monitoring devices utilized at our award winning hospital.  In addition, regardless of the simplicity or complexity of the surgical procedure being performed, all patients receive the advantage of ongoing sterile fluid administration through the placement and maintenance of an intravenous (IV) catheter.  You can be confident that no corners are cut to ensure the safe and smooth recovery of your family member. And of course, pain medications are always administered when needed.

As soon as your companion is resting comfortably postoperatively, you will be contacted by their attending veterinarian to discuss the surgery and answer all of your immediate questions.  During that time, a discharge appointment will be scheduled for your pet, which in most cases is for later that same day.  Because of our hospital’s expanded hours, your pet will receive the benefit of being closely monitored by our staff for an extended period of time, until they are safely and fully recovered from anesthesia.  In addition, many of our clients appreciate our evening hours, as they are able to schedule the discharge appointment for a time that is most convenient for them.  At this appointment, we are committed to spending whatever time is necessary to make sure you are fully informed as to the care your companion will require at home.  Detailed written instructions are sent home with you as well.

It is our privilege and duty to provide the attention and quality you expect for veterinary care, and more importantly, what your pet deserves.

Thank you Polo Springs’ staff for your love and care for Moo! She is healing up so well and I know it’s due to the great care from the staff at Polo Springs!

—Jennifer G.