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You folks are the best. Thanks for taking superb care of Jordan (and us too) from his puppy days through his last moments with us. — Rich M.

I highly recommend Polo Springs Veterinary Hospital! The owner, Dr. Lisa Gerleman Lehman, is a top expert in her field and will always provide you with all the information you need — and straight answers — to make an informed decision about your pet’s care. I trust her counsel without question. She has cared for my feline babies for over 15 years…I’ve even brought my cats from Ohio (a two-day drive) for Dr. Lehman’s care after I was reassigned out-of-state. Polo Springs is a top-notch facility and the entire staff is first-rate. I cannot say enough good things about the very high standard of care Polo Springs Veterinary Hospital provides! — Kendra E.

We know he is in a wonderful hospital with an exceptionally caring staff. — Elaine D.

Thank you Polo Springs staff for your love and care for Moo! She is healing up so well and I know it’s due to the great care from the staff at Polo Springs! — Jennifer G.

Yay for Polo Springs heros! — Alejandra V.

I can’t say enough about Polo Springs. I’ve been taking my pets there for over a decade, and Dr Gerleman is by far the best vet I have seen. She and her team always provide the details and information I need to take care of my pets. She’s been more than accommodating and taken multiple phone calls from me when I’ve been out of state. This is by far the best veterinary facility and most knowledgeable staff I’ve run across. — Chris E.

Way to go Polo Springs for helping the wonderful animals! You are the best! — Bridgette M.

We have had nothing but good experiences with our new kitten, Kipling, at Polo Springs. From his first check-up, he was treated gently and with respect. The staff and doctors are very professional, but you can tell very clearly that they really do care for their patients. We had to board him for a weekend soon after we adopted him and the staff could not have been nicer to him. He recently had his neutering procedure done and he came through it with flying colors! He was up to his old antics almost immediately! We attribute this to the high quality care that he received. We would recommend Polo Springs to everyone! — Suzanne E.

They saved my puppy’s life! I cannot thank them enough! Great, awesome and very devoted staff. Thanks for all you did for him! We are indebted to you for saving our family member! — Stacy F.

Thank you…thank you…thank you. This precious “little” guy is the newest member of the family and as Stacy said above we are indebted to you for saving him. — Debra F.

Thank you for all you do for my fur kids. — Julianne W.

Polo Springs is by far the most ethical and wonderful vet practice I have ever been to. Dr. Lisa is a brilliant veterinarian who goes above and beyond the expectations of any vet I have ever come across. She came in on her day off to take care of my parents dog when they were out of the country and was more concerned about giving their dog the care she so desperately needed at the time. I, without a doubt recommend this veterinary clinic as it is amongst the best in the state! — Maureen S.

In addition to providing excellent veterinary care to Evie, I’d like to thank Anastasia Meadows and Melinda LaCroix Murray and John for their kindness. Needless to say, I was very upset by Evie’s injuries and they were patient, understanding, and helped me make the best decision for my sweet pup. — Rachel J.

Thanks to Dr Anna and Dr Kacey for keeping Haley healthy. — Todd D.

All the techs there are wonderful! — Laura C.

No better place to take your pets! They are wonderful with my kitties! — Arma S.

Thanks for taking such good care of my nephew puppy love seeing him so active and smiling. — Sue W.

My dog’s teeth (Trout) look fabulous after his recent cleaning at Polo Springs… and his bad breath problem is gone, too. — Karen C.

Thank you! He is acting like a kid again. –– Elizabeth K.T.

I’m so happy he is back home with us and doing well. He’s back to nudging my arm when I’m cooking and cuddling on the couch with me! Thank you guys soooo much for taking such good care of my baby. — Mandy E.

I highly recommend this outstanding and extremely ethical business. The medical staff is well educated, compassionate, and professional. Our family adores our pets and we are selective in who we trust to treat them. Polo Springs has very high standards in the treatment of animals and that is reflected by the care they have provided for our dogs. The staff is welcoming and friendly. The hospital is well maintained and pleasant. We wouldn’t trust our precious pets to anyone else in town! — Melanie C.

I wanted to pass on my thanks to Dr. Meadows, Dr. Lehman and their staff. They were all very caring and compassionate in not only discussing Joes illness but also assisting us in making the best decision for Joe. May he rest in peace. The pain and suffering is over and he is in a much better place. You are all wonderful people. Thanks from Rich and Julee, the proud but very sad parents of Joe. — Rich and Julee B.



Thank you all for the wonderful care you gave to Teva during her recent visits! — Betta P.

I am Sophie’s mommy and I am SO grateful for Dr. Lehman & her daughter! Thank you SOOO much for rescuing my princess. Thank goodness she loves to “accessorize” and was wearing her collar when she decided to go “exploring” in traffic! You never know. Thank you again! — Jamie T.

The service is excellent! The people there took good care of my dog and they’re all very nice. The people there want to make sure that your pet is healthy and well and they do their best to help animals in need. I strongly recommend this service! — Anne C.

Dr. Lisa is the BEST! — Bridgette M

We absolutely love Polo Springs and would not go to any other vet. They have such professional staff and they are all very kind.
— Maureen W.

We love Polo Springs! We always board our dog there and they remember us every time we come in. Our dog is always happy to be there too! — Rosie M.

I’d like to thank Dr. Kacey Van Brimmer who preformed emergency surgery on our Shih Tzu, Maggie after she suffered a serious eye injury from a fight with another dog. While our dog lost her eye, Dr. Van Brimmer reassured us that Maggie could still live a normal happy life. She even called to follow up and check on Maggie’s condition the next morning. We appreciate everything you and the staff at Polo Springs did for us and our four legged family member! —Bryan W.

Thank you Dr. Lisa. — Jenn V.

Misu is 18 years old today. Thank you for all the help and care you have given to her over the years! — Gail O.

Just want to give Polo Springs a huge thank you for taking such great care of us! Ripley and Stuee!! — Renee L.

Thanks for keeping me healthy!! — Addison V.

I want to thank everyone at Polo Springs for helping my dog Sadie last week! After only being in Colorado for a few weeks our Sadie began vomiting and we couldn’t figure out what was wrong. Everyone at Polo Springs made sure Sadie had exceptional care until she was feeling better. Their follow up is amazing, and they truly care about pets AND their owners. Thank you again for everything. Sadie is back to her cute old self again! — Sasha W.

The family of “Toby” wants to express our gratitude to the doctors and staff of Polo Springs for the love and care that Toby received during our 12 years with him. Your watchful attention to his various health issues allowed more quality years with Toby than we could have expected, and your care for him (and our family) at the end made our goodbye so much easier. We have decided we need another fuzzy buddy to love, so we’ll be seeing you in a few months. You guys are the best! — Deb P.

Sofie celebrated her 11th birthday on Monday. This would not have been possible without the excellent care of Dr. Lisa, Dr. Meadows and the wonderful staff at Polo Springs. — Martha C.

I’ve been to a half dozen vets in the Colorado Springs area, Lisa Gerleman and her staff offer simply the best care and attention in the nicest, cleanest facility in Colorado Springs. — Bryan C.

Thank you for taking care of Chuckie and Maggie tonight. — Shannon O.

We miss your office terribly since we moved back home to Texas. My husband has even joked that we should drive back to Colorado Springs once a year just to take our furry kids to their doctor! You’ve set the bar so high, I don’t know if we’ll ever be able to find the same quality of care here. You should start conducting national seminars on how to do things right in this business! — Cheryl A.

Thank you Dr.Lisa for answering my questions and calming my fears. Even across the miles you are delivering quality care. Gizmo sends his love! — Bridgette M.

Our female Samoyed, Shada, loves the staff and care provided by Polo Springs since we moved here in the fall of 2005. In over 40 years of experience with veterinary services across the nation, Polo Springs is at the top of the list. — Larry A.

We’ve been with you guys since Sept 1999, can you believe it? — Duane S.

Zora says hello to her second home-Polo Springs! See you soon because I’m five months old now and we all know what that age relates to for us female dogs. –Karen H.

I “like” you in real life and also on Facebook. You are the best! — Arma S.